LEED Projects

APi Group, Inc. Headquarters
APi Group, Inc. Headquarters
Installing insulation

APi Group, Inc. Headquarters

APi Group, Inc.'s headquarters is a LEED certified office building located in New Brighton, Minn. We completed construction while remaining true to their commitment to building a safer environment and utilizing APi Group, Inc.'s companies from project beginning through completion.

Other APi Group, Inc. companies were instrumental throughout the project: Jamar (LEED Engineering), APi Distribution (construction materials distributor), APi Electric, Doody Mechanical, Grunau (Special Metals division), and Viking (fire protection).

We applied their vast experience in LEED construction and the building was awarded a Gold certification. their "Green" initiatives included:

  • A total energy recovery wheel that retrieves energy lost from the building's exhaust system
  • Installation of HVAC timers, high efficiency boilers and automated monitors for energy, water, waste, temperature and moisture.
  • Environment friendly landscaping to reduce the "heat island effect," and storm water runoff.

We demonstrate these values time after time, and rest assured — we will do the same for you.

How Anco was involved

Nearly 50,000 square feet of TextraFINE® commercial insulation and Anco Flex Systems were used in the construction of APi Group's new LEED Gold Certified headquarters building.

Areas Anco Products contributed to LEED

Anco Flex System & TextraFINE® contributions

  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Prerequisite 1 Minimum IAQ Performance Required
  • Innovation and Design Process
  • Innovation in Design 1
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Prerequisite 2: Minimum Energy Performance

TextraFINE® contributions

  • Materials & Resources
  • MR 4.1 Recycled Content: (10%) (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer)
  • MR 4.1 Recycled Content: (20%) (post-consumer + ½ pre-consumer)
  • MR 6.0 Rapidly Renewable Materials