Anco TextraFINE® insulation is manufactured by a unique process where long, textile-type glass fibers are bonded together in a random orientation by a stable thermosetting resin. This unique process produces unusually strong, resilient insulation that will return to full thickness after compression.

TextraFINE® insulation can be easily cut and is easy-to-install.

Compression packaging is available in a number of density thickness combinations providing significant transportation and storage efficiency.

Performance Data

  • Does not cause corrosion of metals.
  • Does not rot, mold, sustain growth of bacteria, vermin.
  • Temperature: -325°F To 450°F, -198°C and 232°C.
  • Fire Hazard Classification: U.L. 723 or ASTME84, Flame spread no greater than 25, smoke developed no greater than 50
  • Available in density from .75 lbs. ft3 (12 kgm3) to 6.0 lbs. ft3 (96 kgm3)
  • Available in 1/2" (13 mm) to 6" (152 mm) depending on density
  • Various facing materials available on request.


Safety Data Sheet

Product Specification Sheet

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