Insulation Roll

System 7100 OEM Mat

Specialty Insulation for Universal Applications

This long-fiber insulation has exceptional thickness recovery after compression packaging and is highly resistant to vibration. These features ensure maximum performance and quality of the insulation over the complete lifespan of your application.

SYSTEM 7100 OEM Mat meets all required testing specifications for fire resistance, has low air flow resistance and exceptional thermal and acoustical performance.

Performance Advantages

Sound Absorption

Reduces air movement noise and mechanical noise as well as other sounds.

Easy Fabrication & Installation

Textile fiberglass does not fracture or break when bent, dropped or fabricated. The long fibers make this insulation durable, flexible and easy to handle.

Resistant to Bacterial & Fungal Growth

The fiberglass facing contains an EPA registered biocide.

Indoor Air Quality

This insulation meets stringent third party testing requirements with regards to low VOC emissions (see below for GREENGUARD Certification information).

Easy to Clean

Cleanable airstream surfaces are maintainable by industry recognized dry methods if required. Maintain in accordance to specifications provided by NAIMA.

General Properties

Surface Burning Characteristics

Per ASTM-E84, this product has a maximum flame spread index of 25, and maximum smoke developed index of 50.

Operating Temperature

Insulation to maintain integrity and optimum performance up to 350° F.

Withstands High Velocity

SYSTEM 7100 OEM Mat meets and exceeds maximum recommendations for velocity and will not degrade over time from air erosion.

Technical Specifications

For all specification compliance information, including acoustical and thermal properties data tables, reference the complete SYSTEM 7100 OEM Mat spec sheet.


Anco Products is committed to the improvement of indoor air quality. Our OEM Mat Insulation, and many other products, are stringently tested and certified to UL Environment’s GREENGUARD standards. Not only does our insulation meet the requirements for the GREENGUARD Certification Program, it also received GREENGUARD Gold Certification. The stringent GREENGUARD Gold Certification complies with the State of California’s Department of Health Services Standard Practice (CA Section 01350) for testing chemical emissions from building products. GREENGUARD Gold Certified products can also be used as a strategy to earn valuable credits in the CHPS Best Practices Manual for K-12 schools.

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