Metal Building Insulation

Insulation Benefits

NAIMA 202-96® fiber glass metal building insulation is engineered to meet the unique thermal and acoustical requirements of today's metal building designers, plus the cost control needs of building owners, and the ease-of-application needs of builders.

Controls Heat flow

Metal building insulation acts as a barrier to slow down the movement of heat, keeping it inside the building in winter and outside the building in summer. By controlling the rate of heat transfer through the building, insulation reduces energy consumption, resulting in lower fuel bills and a cleaner environment.

Prevents Condensation

Metal building insulation with a vapor retarder facing limits the passage of water vapor and prevents it from condensing within the insulation or on the interior surfaces of the building.

Controls Noise

Metal building insulation greatly reduces the level of both exterior and interior noise by preventing transmission of exterior sounds to the interior of the building and absorbing reverberating sounds within the building.

Increases Lighting Efficiency

The laminated facings on metal building insulation provide a bright, attractive wall and ceiling treatment that acts as a reflector to increase lighting efficiency.


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