Garage Door Insulation

Garage Door Insulation Kit

Easy to Install

  • Friction-fit to insulate the cavity
  • No special fasteners needed
  • No special tools required

Safe for Children & Pets

  • Insulation certified for indoor air quality
  • Non-combustible, UL FHC 25/50
  • Tough facing to avoid tears

Green Product

  • 85% recycled-content
  • Superior thermal performance
  • Resilience guarantees R-Value

Improves Comfort

  • Brightens the space
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Does not mold or corrode

The Anco Garage Door Insulation Kit is easy to install and made from 85% recycled material. The insulation is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for indoor air quality.

For many people the garage is the space in the house for hobbies, home improvement projects and car maintenance. Since many garage doors offer little more than a thin sheet of metal between you and the elements, these spaces can be drafty and cold making year-round usage uncomfortable.

With the Anco Garage Door Insulation Kit it's easy, fast and affordable to make your garage a more comfortable place to work. Plus you'll get increased thermal performance and a reduction in outside noise. If you’re looking for a reliable “Do it yourself garage door insulation” – you’ve found it!

Installation of this Garage Door Installation Kit as Easy As...

1. Measure

Garage Door Installation Kit Step 1

Measure the length and width of the garage door panel openings.

2. Cut

Garage Door Installation Kit Step 2

Using a utility knife cut the insulation to the dimensions to fill the panel cavity.

3. Install

Garage Door Installation Kit Step 3

It is as easy as it looks. Simply tuck the insulation you measured into the frame grooves surrounding each panel.

4. Enjoy!

Garage Door Installation Kit Step 4

Not only does your garage door look great; but you will save energy and outdoor noise will be reduced!

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* As compared to an uninsulated door.
** Percentage noise reduction is calculated based on differences in sound levels perceived across multiple frequency bands as measured in standard human listening studies.
Source: International Door Association -