Anco Leads From The Front In Outstanding Safety Record

January 6, 2009 -

Anco Products, Inc. has not had a single recordable accident since May 5th, 2007 (that's over 600 days and 215,483 hours worked). Even more impressive is Anco's record for no lost time accidents, which stands at 1233 days as January 1st, 2009 (that's over 3 years and 588,233 hours worked)!

There was a time when Anco Products Inc. was notorious in Elkhart for plant-fires, as well as, accidents. However, within the last three years, Anco has worked hard to foster a culture of safety. According to Leah Thwing, Anco's Compliance Manager, "Many new initiatives have added to the success of our safety program." She adds, "there are our World Class manufacturing practices, 6S empowerment initiatives, and a corporate led STEPS (Striving Towards Excellence and Professionalism in Safety) program", all of which stress safety, quality, and productivity. The involvement of Anco Products employees has helped develop the new culture of safety and continuous improvement.

Anco credits a majority of their drastic safety improvement to their Lean and 6S initiatives, increased supervisor level accountability, and empowered employees who are involved in many improvement processes. Anco looks to continue on these initiatives that have helped their performance. "A lot of our manufacturing processes are inherently dangerous, so we are really excited about the improvement in our safety record," said Andy McCleery, Anco's President/CEO, "we are proud of our employees and we are focused on finding ways to get even better in 2009." Through their efforts, Anco Products, Inc. has gradually transformed into a clean, safe and desirable place to work.

Anco Products, Inc. is a manufacturer of textile type fiberglass products, flexible air duct systems, and laminators of pre-engineered metal building insulation. Anco Products, Inc. was founded in Elkhart, Indiana in 1972 and is a subsidiary of APi Group, Inc. Additional information is available on the company website, or by calling 1-800-837-ANCO (2626).

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