Anco launches garage insulation kits

Anco launches garage insulation kits
December 9, 2009 - Dec. 9, 2009 - While the specialty construction industry slowed in 2009, Anco Products, a manufacturer of flexible duct systems and insulation, was busy developing its new eco-friendly Garage Door Insulation Kit™ for homeowners, rental property managers and companies worldwide.

The Anco team searched for trends to identify opportunities and develop solutions that would deliver superior bottom-line results.

"One obvious trend was the increase in do-it-yourself activity," said Anco Marketing Director Rob Rohena. "Another glaring trend were [the Green initiatives]." Due to Anco's fabrication of environment-friendly insulation since 1979, the company was slow to recognize the Green initiative as an emerging trend.

After the team brainstormed, Anco President Andy McCleery thought to create the Garage Door Insulation Kit™s after he fought with the foam in his own garage.

Once the Anco team researched and realized giant gaps within the industry, the company moved forward with the idea.

Anco developed and rigorously tested the product with accredited garage door installer 4T Door.

"This is by far the best garage door insulation I have ever seen," said 4T Door Owner, Jason Dean.

4T Door earned its accreditation through the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation. This was an important factor to Anco as it ensured the product was approved by an industry professional with a focus on quality and commitment to excellence.

Once the product passed tests on various garage door panels, Anco's marketing team sought the help of local professional graphic design company - Colorfly Design.

Heide Henke, owner of Colorfly Design, started the company just one month prior. Henke's experience and portfolio convinced Anco of her ability to create a retail box that would appeal to a broad audience.

"The next phase was to have this beautiful graphic image of a retail box come to life," Rohena said. Anco then selected Welch Packaging, a local box manufacturer, for experience and quality service.

"Welch puts its customers at the core of their business philosophy, and thus Anco knew it was in good hands," Rohena said. Within two weeks, Anco had a prototype.

"It's always exciting to work on a project that the customer is very passionate and open minded about," said Welch Account Manager Jay Weldy. "Together, we designed a package that will help promote not only their product, but also shows Anco's commitment to the Green initiative."

Anco welcomes distributors and wholesalers interested in nationwide distribution. Meanwhile, consumers may purchase Garage Door Insulation Kit™s from 4T Door via eBay®.
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